Send a letter to your local candidate

Why not make representation to your local candidates to invite them to sign the charter. We’ll keep a record of all parliamentary candidates who¬†sign on this website, so that voters are able to make informed decisions on this basis.

We have provided a sample letter that you can send to your local candidates, however in so doing we would ask that you send this to EVERY registered candidate in your local constituency.

Download the letter here.


The Charter

We believe that the protection and provision of services to those who are vulnerable in our society, is a key expression of who we are. Where they are unable to provide this for themselves, we recognise this as a shared responsibility, both as human beings and responsible citizens.

We affirm social care as a basic human right, essential to human dignity and an expression of civilised community. As such we call for a government that takes overall responsibility for maintaining a level of social care, across our nation that properly reflects these core values.

We declare any regional or economic discrepancy that disproportionately affects vulnerable people as unacceptable. We call for a new agreement between central and local governments to end this injustice.

We recognise that for a variety of reasons, social care needs and costs will continue to rise. This problem is not going to go away. We call for an effective long-term approach to funding and taxation that places human well-being and dignity above political expediency.

We believe that the work of carers is undervalued. This results in low pay and increasingly poor conditions which in turn affects the ability of some of our most valuable workers to provide the service to which they are committed. We call for steps to be taken to upgrade the profession through guaranteed minimum wages, increased training opportunities and dignified working conditions. Unacceptable practices such as no pay for travel between clients should be made illegal.

Download a poster version of The Hope Charter